GPRS provides solutions for

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Biotech Enterprises

  • Institutional Research Groups and Universities

  • Start-up companies

  • Investors and investment bankers

  • Expertise areas

  • Project management

  • Computational Chemistry

  • Computational Biology

  • Drug Design

  • Pharma Research and Biotech

    You need to know

    • Do I have the right target?
    • How should my drug look like?
    • Which is the best lead to be further explored?
    • How to analysis in-vivo and pharmacokinetic (PK) data?
    • I don´t know how to write an investigator brochure for a phase 1 study.

    GPRS provides

    • Target analysis.
    • Druggability analysis and rating.
    • Establish target product profile (TPP).
    • Selection of advanced lead compounds for in-vivo studies.
    • Analysis and calculation of PK-data (WinNonlin).
    • Selection of new investigation drug (IND).
    • Build-up fall back or back-up strategy.
    • Support writing of reports and investigator brochures.

    Institutional Research Groups or NGOs

    Free initial consulting for Institutional Research Groups and Start-up companies.

    You need to know

    • I don´t know the target of my drug / hit.
    • Which compounds should I select?
    • How to analysis my screening data?
    • Should I do a new screening, explore hit or stop?
    • Where is my drug binding. What is the mode of action?
    • How to do rational drug design on my screening hit?
    • What do I need for my first in-vivo studies and proof of concept studies.

    GPRS provides

    • Disease pathway analysis from genes or proteins.
    • Compound selection for screening assays from reliable suppliers.
    • Full structure-activity report (SAR) analysis of screening data.
    • Suggest new screening compounds – scaffold hopping.
    • Support binding site elucidation. Suggest mode of action experiments.
    • Provide full molecular design package.
    • Guide lead optimization to enable first in-vivo studies and prove of concept studies.

    Start-up companies

    You need to know

    • How to build-up and review business strategy?
    • Who are our competitors?
    • What are they doing?
    • How to present your new venture to investors and customers?

    GPRS provides

    • Evaluate business strategy.
    • Market and customer analysis.
    • SWOT analysis.
    • Support in the preparation of company presentation.

    Investors and investment bankers

    You need to know

    • What is the scientific rational of the new venture?
    • Are there potentially hidden risks?
    • What makes it unique?

    GPRS provides

    • Review of the scientific landscape
    • Critical path analysis.
    • Competitor analysis.